2014 SWORAM Keralotsavam

Fall is the season when the leaves sport a thousand colors, air turns crisp and we get together for the biggest Malayali cultural celebration of the year – SWORAM Keralotsavam. Keralotsavam 2014 was inaugurated by the founding board members of SWORAM, it was their pioneering vision that made SWORAM possible, and we couldn’t be more thankful. The evening was filled with cultural entertainment put together by the Malayali community, followed by socialization over dinner. Even though the show runs only for a couple of hours, we know that it culminates days of dedicated practice for all the participants. We tip our hat to the performers, to their mentors and also to the parents of participating children who devoted so much of their time to make it happen. Over the years we have watched our little kids on stage blooming into young adulthood exploring their artistic inclinations and nurturing a deep respect for our cultural heritage. This is the spirit that will continue to grow. SWORAM Keralotsavam 2014 was a sold out event, giving us a glimpse of the rapidly growing Malayali community in Oregon and SW Washington. We will look for a venue with more seating capacity for next year’s event. Exciting times ahead!

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