SWORAM Onam 2015

“മാവേലി നാടു  വാണീടും കാലം ,


What was so special about the SWORAM Onasadya this year? Not one, but two!! We had a very special guest visiting us for the evening, none other than MAVELI MANNAN himself. Also, we got to say hello to a cheerful and enthusiastic bunch of new faces, we were almost 400 strong that evening! The Malayali demographic in Oregon is on its way up, keep it coming folks, looking forward to seeing you all in the future events. This year’s Onasadya featured a spread of 20 dishes, collectively prepared at six different locations, made possible by the dedication of the volunteers involved. A special thank you goes out to this bunch of very talented cooks; rave reviews for the dishes that you made are still trickling in. We sincerely appreciate the Malayali community’s support in promoting SWORAM activities. Wish you all a happy Malayalam New Year filled with joy and abundance.

2015 SWORAM Onam Gallery



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