SWORAM Dub-smash Compitetion

SWORAM Keralotsavam- Nov 22nd, Sunday at PCC Sylvania.
Here is an opportunity to show your acting talent and win a prize!!
Make your own dub-smash video(malayalam only) and grab the prize!!
Duration- Maximum 15 seconds.
$50 Cash prize for the winner! Please send your entries to sworamportland@gmail.com
Terms and Conditions:
1.SWORAM reserves the rights to reject an entry.
2.The winner has to be present at Keralotsavam venue to receive the prize.
3. SWORAM will be publishing the videos on Facebook as a poll and the poll will be closed at specific time.
4. The winner will be decided based on the number of votes the video receives in the online poll.
5. All dub-smash videos will be displayed during Keralotsavam.
SWORAM tickets are selling out fast. Please reserve your ticket ASAP.The tickets are strictly limited and more than half is sold out by now. Please go to www.sworam.org to buy your tickets.

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